Virtual presence in meetings is for superpowers

Varjo doing interesting work understanding the enterprise XR use cases. Virtual meetings are not about trying to replicate in-person experience. They are for productivity superpowers and the things you can only do in a virtual world, functionality that makes virtual BETTER than in-person.

The AR Show Podcast

I did an interview for Jason McDowall's excellent The AR Show podcast. I rambled on so long he had to cut it into two episodes. So if you've got a few hours to kill while driving or running or something, here it is.

Here is Hardie Tankersley on The AR Show Part 1 and Hardie Tankersley on The AR Show Part 2.

VR for fitness?

I really admire what they are doing here. Seems like the Within crew has done a thorough job in the design and implementation. I'm skeptical about the business model. And given the market size I don't think you can restrict yourself to only one device, even if that is probably the market-footprint leader for this year. Also it doesn't really make sense to price a premium service for premium customers and yet only support the cheapest (well, 2nd cheapest) low-cost device. It's not THAT much more work just to support everything via OpenVR.

How one virtual reality company took Peloton’s fitness ideas to the extreme

New Blog

Well I've spent days navigating the vagaries of github, gatsby, netlify, webflow, forestry, hugo, cecil and jekyll and hyde and getting in deeply over my head in order to abandon the centuries-old-but-still-works-fine Wordpress. But also I have learned all about JAMstack and serverless and react. And this is the result, so far. Now up and running with Cecil on Netlify: modern, clean, and only a little complicated. Let's see how it goes.